We had toast and yogurt for breakfast until just recently. I put a sliced cheese on the toast and roasted soybean powder over the yogurt for our health…



My one and seven months daughter has gone to the nursery school since last month. The school asked me to prepare “rice and miso soup for breakfast, so our eating habits changed dramatically.




I prepare breakfast the night before since we are busy in the morning. I set the timer on the rice cooker at 7 a.m.. We sometimes eat white rice, but I usually add some ingredients to cooked rice.


混ぜご飯におすすめの常備菜/Recommended pre-cooked ingredients for mixed rice

・ひじきの煮物 Simmered Hijiki Seaweed

・切り干し大根 Simmered Kiriboshi Daikon

きんぴらごぼう Kinpira burdock


混ぜるだけのおすすめ食材/Recommended ingredients for mixed rice

・コーン缶+かつお節+バター醤油 Whole cone + Bonito flakes + Butter soy sauce

・冷凍枝豆+塩昆布 Frozen Edamame + Salted kelp

しらす+小葱+胡麻 Whitebait + Green onion + Sesame seeds



I cut ingredients into bite-size pieces for miso soup so that my daughter eats it by herself. Boil broth and ingredients in the pan and keep it in the fridge once the soup is cooled. I heat the pan and add miso next morning.



I only make rice and miso soup so I use variety of ingredients for a well-balanced breakfast.




Nevertheless, I love bread!! So, we enjoy French toast or pancakes for breakfast on weekends.



Hmm…what should I make for breakfast tomorrow?



I appreciate a common day like today. Thanks.



My daughter turned one and half years old and she has started to eat toddler meals. She usually  enjoys homemade sweets with bananas since she likes bananas.



I introduced “Banana scone” last time and “Banana pound cake” is also our favorite. There are only 3 ingredients to make the pound cake. We use neither butter nor milk.




My daughter usually eats with her hands. When I cut the pound cake into bite-size pieces, she has them with a folk.



You can keep the sliced pound cake in the freezer so that you can have it whenever you want.


[Recipe:バナナパウンドケーキの作り方/Banana pound cake(パウンド型1台分)]

[用意するもの ingredients]

ホットケーキミックス/pancake mix 150g

・卵/egg 2

・完熟バナナ/ripe banana 2本


[手順 recipe]

  1. オーブンを180度に予熱する Preheat the oven at 180°
  2. パウンドケーキ型にクッキングシートを敷く Spread a baking paper on the pound cake pan.

  3. フォークでバナナを粗く潰す Mash the banana with the back of a fork.

  4. ボウルに材料を入れてしっかり混ぜる Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix them well.

  5. 型に入れてで30分焼く Pour the dough into the pound cake pan and bake in the oven for about 30 mins.



This pound cake is also good for adults. I need to manage my weight seriously because our baby’s due date is getting closer, but I enjoy our snack time with my daughter thanks to this healthy pound cake. 



If you want to more rich flavor, I recommend you re-bake the slice of cake in the toaster and spread the butter on it.



I appreciate a common day like today. Thanks.



Our second baby’s due date is getting closer and we have decided to leave our daughter at a nursery school for 4 months before and after giving birth.



There is a "gradual entry" in the school to allow children to adjust to a new environment and it usually takes one or two weeks. We started the gradual entry from 1st of June and took 1 month




In the first two weeks, my daughter went to the school for 2 hours in the morning accompanied by a parent. Although I was in the late stage of pregnancy, I spent all time with my daughter at the school.



A few days later, other children got used to me and they jumped up on my lap, spoke to me. They asked me to wear shoses, read books… I responded their requests as much as I could.



The 3rd week, my daughter spent 2 hours in the morning at the school without me. I picked up her around 12-13 p.m. after she took a nap during the 4th week. The last week of June, the school time has been extended to 15:30.




I will deliver a baby in July, so my husband drives my daughter to the nursery school everyday from this month. The school asked him to rearrange his work schedule and pick her up before 5 p.m. since she is not still used to the environment



My husband is busy with work and it is difficult to take hourly paid leave every day. I feel sorry for my daughter, but we will do as best as we can.


[慣らし保育 gradual entry:よかったこと Good points]

・娘のペースに合わせて進められたこと Took my daughter’s time and we could go at her pace.

・新しい環境に馴染むのに時間がかかるのがわかったこと Found that it takes time for my daughter to get used to a new environment.

・預け先の保育園の環境がわかったこと Knew the environment of the nursery school.

・同世代の子供たちの様子がわかったこと Saw the growth of children around the same age of my daughter


[悩んだこと What I was worried about]

・娘が馴染めなかった場合にどうするか If she is not used to the nursery school, how can we manage it?

・コロナ禍に私が園内に長時間滞在していいのか Can I stay at the nursery school for a long time under the current situation with COVID-19?

・保育士免許を持ってない私が他の子供たちの相手をしていいのか Can I take care of other children even though I do not have a license of a nursery school teacher?



Anyway, I felt better that my daughter became to spend her time in the nursery school without us. I hope she stay healthy both mentally and physically, and enjoy her time at the school with her teachers and friends.



I appreciate a common day like today. Thanks.



I had been struggling with my hair for a long time. I have naturally strong wavy hair and my two cowlicks do not let me style my hair very well.



I have got a straight perm since I was junior high and I feel I damaged my hair because I have not taking batter care of my hair.



I always have long hair and usually put my hair up in a bun or wear my hair in braids. Hair bandana and scarf are necessary for me to hide my curly bangs.




I was so negative about my hair but… When I met my mom who has similar hair type to me, I found that her hair style was very fashionable. I asked my mom to introduce me the hairdresser.



The hairdresser is older than my mom. She has been the hairdresser for about 50 years and had an experience to teach at beauty schools.



She touched my hair and said “Wow, what a healthy hair.” and “The random hair is in trend this year. You are lucky since your natural curly hair fits to the trend.”. I was a bit confused because I have never received praise for my hair, but I felt happy at the same time.




I got a hair consultation and chopped off 20cm of my hair. She also taught me how to take care of my hair easily during pregnancy and the nursing of children.



I feel so much better now. The amount of shampoo is halved and the time of hair dryer is shortened.



My baby’s due date is coming soon. I am going to prepare for welcoming our baby while enjoying my time with my one and half year old daughter.



I appreciate a common day like today. Thanks.



My daughter turned one and half years old and she has started to eat toddler meals. She usually has some snacks at 3 p.m. but it seems she does not like store-bought sweets



Then, I have decided to make homemade sweets using a banana since she likes bananas.



These days, I often make “banana scone” which is also good for people who has egg allergies.




My daughter tends to swallow foods without chewing well. So, I baked the scones a little bit hard so that she can practice how to use her teeth.



She has the scones with a cup of milk. She fills her cheeks with the scones like a squirrel. It seems she is satisfied with the taste of scones.



You can keep the baked scones in the freezer, so you can have it whenever you want.


[Recipe:バナナスコーンの作り方/Banana scones(スコーン型6個分)]

[用意するもの ingredients]

ホットケーキミックス/pancake mix 150g

・プレーンヨーグルト/plain yogurt 50g

・完熟バナナ/ripe banana 1本

・オリーブオイル/olive oil 15g

・塩/salt 少々 to taste


[手順 recipe]

1. オーブンを180度に予熱する Preheat the oven at 180°

2. フォークでバナナを粗く潰す Mash the banana with the back of a fork.

3. ボウルに材料を入れてゴムベラで切るように混ぜる Put all ingredients in a bowl and fold the dough with a rubber spatula in a cutting motion.

4. そぼろ状になったら手でまとめ、めん棒で2cmの厚さにのばす Roll the dough into a ball and flatten it 2cm thick with a rolling pin.

5. 型を抜いてオーブンで15分焼く Cut out and bake in the oven for about 15 mins.



This scone is also good for adults. According to children’s age, you can use chocolates, dried fruits, roasted soybean flour or nuts instead of bananas. When you use roasted soybean flour or nuts, I recommend you add 1 tablespoon of millet sugar since they are not so sweet.



I appreciate a common day like today. Thanks.



"Overalls" look really nice on small children. I had been looking for it for my daughter, but I could not find my ideal one for a long time.



One day, the book titled “DOLL & KIDS CLOTHES PATTERNS “ caught my eye at the library. “Simple and cute overalls” which a model and a doll were wearing was really perfect for me. According to the authors, they are happy to introduce this patterns since they pursued the boundary between childishness and a chick adult-like ware.




“This is what I was looking for !!”. I had started to make the overalls soon after I got home.



Day1:Wash and iron the linen fabric since it is easy to shrink.



Day2:Spread out the fabric on the floor and cut it according to the patterns while my daughter is sleeping.



Day3:Sew it with a sewing machine. Tag an embroidery on a big hip-pocket. It was suitable for beginners like me since most of the stiches were straight.



Day4:Open button holes and attach wooden buttons to the overalls.



Patterned or colored clothes are good as an inner wear since it is the plain overalls. If you like casual style, T-shirt will be a good option and if you like girly style, a blouse will fit well. 




Sleeveless shirt for summer and thin long sleeve shirts for spring and autumn, sweater for winter ~ I want to enjoy combining and coordinating clothing with my daughter.




I appreciate a common day like today. Thanks.



おそろいで着せたい、ドールと子どもの手づくり服 | 古川 美樹, 平田 晴香 |本 | 通販 - Amazon.co.jp



We went to a zoo with my one and a half years old daughter. She have contacted with dogs and cats, but she have never seen many animals at once.



The name of the zoo isKumamoto City Zoological and Botanical Gardens” in Kumamoto prefecture. We can enjoy not only many different animals but also seasonal flowers. There are also some rides, so no matter how many times we come to this zoo, we never get sick of it.




It was the first time for my daughter to come to a zoo. Unfortunately, she did not have an interest in animals. She pulled ropes, hit signboards, dug up weeds



She finally sat down on the ground in front of the elephants and played in the sand. She grabbed the sand and sprinkled it on her head, made her shirt dirty… but I was happy she seemed to be having fun.




There were beautiful roses and hydrangeas at the botanical area. Since she likes slopes, she endlessly run up and down the hill. My husband and I were exhausted to follow her under the flaming sun.



She usually does not like riding the car, but she was sleeping on the way back to home today. You did great, my girl.



I want to visit there again once she gets old enough and see animals and ride attractions together.



I appreciate a common day like today. Thanks.



熊本市動植物園 (ezooko.jp)